this is a big new 13x19” print that will be available at the second moon crisis reception on august 9th, and at AWA in september!

also, for those who have been asking, the printer i used to make these is a canon pixma pro-100 — amazon is running a pretty good rebate offer on it right now

additionally, more sketchbooks should be in stock in my store next week!

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12x12” acrylic piece for MOON CRISIS 2014

(yes, it will be for sale!)

p.s. i had to temporarily close my askbox because i am super, super behind on answering asks and i currently have my hands full with show and con prep. i’ll reopen them once i can get caught up a little after AX!

reblogging this because it’s now available for public sale!!

my cosmos and small lady/helios originals have already sold, but for those of you who have been asking if i’ll sell prints — yes, i will be selling prints of those two pieces at the august 9th opening of moon crisis (i won’t be there in person, though,) and online after the show ends (august 30th.) .. i won’t have any prints of the hotaru painting because it wouldn’t fit on my scanner………..(|||▽||| )

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