rave-panties asked: How does one commission you


i’m sorry, i very rarely have time to take commissions :( if you’re able to make it to a con i’m attending, i can do a sketch for you there. other than that, i’m not sure when i’ll be open for commissions again, but whenever it happens i’ll post the info here

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la-inspirez asked: Hi I was wondering if you could possibly tell us about the technique you used to do the glasses for the girl with the black outfit and pink hair. I would also like to know about the technique you've been using lately that makes your work look crystallized almost? Like in the Sailor Monoceros, all you need is love wallpaper, and the picture of the chibi head. I really like it and would like to possibly know the process or choices behind it.


um…unfortunately i’m not really sure how to explain it? like…i think it’s a very simple technique in itself…it’s basically cel shading, just with more geometric shapes. the application of color isn’t very fancy imo, it’s just that the shapes i employ are different than what most people seem to use, and as far as those go i just kind of wing it — there’s no specific formula or choices for it i can put into words, other than the fact that i try not to overdo the effect on skin since totally crystal-textured humans would just look polygon man strange! overall i think it requires a good sense of form, i.e. being able to envision things in 3D in your head…i’m sorry i couldn’t be more informative!

i did make a process gif of the pink image you mentioned, though. it’s a little different from my usual work since i just painted on top of a doodle, versus doing clean inks, but…here you go!

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lillucie asked: Awh what the heckie! You're so sweet and funny and not just that your art is absolutely beautiful just like your face! Who said you're allowed to be this incredible???


w-well! thank you so much, you’re too kind!

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imjustsimplymee asked: What kind of tablet do you use ? and how is the quality? Is it better then a Cintiq compact? And would you recommend it to other artist?


wacom intuos3 6x8” for most of my work, surface pro for inking

i’ve never used a cintiq companion, so sadly i can’t say which is better; i suspect the cintiq is better for art though since it was made specifically for artists. i think the surface is okay as a supplementary or hobby tablet — it speeds up my inking by a lot — but i wouldn’t recommend it as a main tablet for professional work. the screen is rather small and the colors are only so-so. the calibration is serviceable, but it could be better. the hardware is also a bit limited, so it handles smaller files okay, but anything big can really slow it down

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gunmetalrose asked: Ahhh! Roseee! I'm so excited to see your art back on Gaia! I missed you! <3 Your art was soo adorable for the recent CI! All the characters were so hot/super cute! Also I'm sorry I'm so late in replying to your note this Christmas but thank you so so much for sending your gorgeous art to me! My friend is a huge fan of yours so it really made her X-Mas! >v< Wishing you well!! Thank you so much again! <3


lindsay!! i missed you too, i’m so glad to be working with all of the fly gaia ladies again! thank you and i’m so happy to hear your friend enjoyed the merch :D come to AX so i can pinch your qt cheeks ok!!

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vaatiwithblue asked: Are you more active on DA?


not at all :’) dA is…overwhelming for me, so i don’t visit it often. tumblr is where i’m most active now

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charityib asked: omg your rabbit is adorable! *0*


thank you! <3 zoe is perfect, she makes my life better

i miss her sister gracie terribly

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littlebakeneko asked: Hi, first off I'm a big fan and I love all of your work, its colourful! Anyways my question was which do you prefer society6 or redbubble? I'm considering starting my own shop and would love some input. Thank you, keep making awesome art!


thank you!! i love them both :D no harm in putting work up at both sites i think!

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burniikay asked: I LOVE YOU THE END



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rose-the-terrorist asked: hey rose , what's your computer build ? mine is very old and now iam going to get new one for digital paint...but i don't know much about computers.


my current computer is a custom built ibuypower revolt: intel core i5, 16 gigs of ram, geforce 650ti

basically, it’s nice to have a computer with a lot of memory and a dedicated video card (here’s a link that explains the differences between integrated and dedicated GPUs,) especially if you’re working with large files. a fast processor is fun, but i personally don’t think it’s as important as the memory and video card unless you want your computer to run games well, too…though, a lot of gaming computers are actually quite good at doing graphics work — similar requirements

one small recommendation i’d also like to make is, if you choose a desktop rather than a laptop, you may want to consider buying a UPS for it, especially if you live in an area prone to blackouts/brownouts or storms. nothing’s worse than losing work because your computer unexpectedly lost power! just make sure you get the right UPS for your power supply :]

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