sugarplumfran asked: "Senpai School" sounds like an anime.


the best anime

i hope someone out there is making it as we speak

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kamenkyuuketsuki asked: I just wish to say that you're a really big inspiration for me as a artist and I love your stuff! May I ask, how long does it take you to do a piece of art you post on here and what program do you make it with? :3


thank you <3 i use photoshop cc for most of my stuff. time spent varies wildly per piece, and tbh i don’t think it matters too much since everyone works in different ways and at different paces!

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ohheyraye asked: Hi bara chan! I'm a big fan out your work! I was wondering if u had any tips for someone who's shy and has had an artblock for years? I follow a bunch of artists on here and twitter, but too scared to talk to them or start drawing again. Thank u!


thank you!! hopefully this old post of mine will help you with the art block problem:

as for talking to other artists, the #1 thing is to just remember that they’re human beings sorry to dismissively link you to other things ahhh but there was actually a perfect article i found about this a while ago, it lists everything better than i can:

the only thing i would add is that most artists are ok with nice compliments and art chat, but they get that sort of thing all day long, often with strings attached. it’s even nicer when someone realizes they’re a human with possible hobbies and interests outside of art, so if you notice that an artist you follow shares a similar non-art interest as yourself (dogs, a band, a video game genre, pizza, etc,) feel free to mention it and see if it sparks more of a convo

good luck!

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depending on whether or not they arrive in time, i may have even more new goodies for you all at AWA!

also, i won’t be able to accept sketch preorders for AWA due to my current workload, sorry…but if you’d still like to commission me at the con, please come early and bring printed references. thank you!!

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new stickers! will have these at AWA, and then leftovers online afterward

new stickers! will have these at AWA, and then leftovers online afterward

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kriswinter asked: I loved the info provided on your mini-faq. I've been worried for a while here that I would need to switch gears in order to be able to sell anything, I see now that I just need to work harder at it. Speaking of though, I was wondering what sort of hours do you keep to be able to keep pumping out this amazing work? Normal sort of work hours like 9 - 5, or are you one of those artists that draw all day long?


it depends a lot on my current deadlines and workload — freelancing is super erratic, it’s always either too much work or too little image often there are things i have to do for work apart from drawing, too, like paperwork or sending merchandise designs off for print. buuuut usually this is my routine, and then i take a couple days off each week to run errands or lounge or whatever. imo it’s definitely easier to be more productive if you stick to a routine and set aside some recharge time, instead of trying to force yourself to somehow work ALL THE TIME, or procrastinating and feeling guilty about it. to-do lists help too! good luck <3

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cogs-assassin asked: hi! sorry to bother this late at night, but I missed the sale of your sketchbook because I was traveling, anyway I was wondering if you'll have batch anytime soon?


it depends on how many i’ll have left after AWA (if my current stock sells out there, i’ll have to reorder them, which takes a few weeks,) but yes, i will have more at some point!

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nabashio asked: Hi, love your work, keep it up! I was wondering if you had any tips or knew any places that explained how to make your own signature stamp (i.e your Barachandotcom with rose icon) for art pieces. I have been looking and so far have not found any tutorials that have explained the process. I really want to make my own for my art work.


thanks! it’s just a PNG that i copy and paste onto my images, although creating a photoshop brush would work too (edit -> define brush)

unless you meant how to design a logo, which i don’t think a tutorial can really teach, you’ll have to read up on graphic design basics for that. i have a few links to starter sites in this post; i’d also recommend that you keep it as simple as possible. less is more! people are more likely to recognize/remember simple shapes than a mass of details, and the simpler it is the better it’ll resize. you don’t want your stamp to detract too much attention from your art either! 1-2 colors, max

good luck!

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an entry i did for a-kon&#8217;s shirt contest back in april

an entry i did for a-kon’s shirt contest back in april

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tokyo-gh0ulish asked: I think I fell in love with your art and it's inspiring me to work more now e-e;;, it's absolutely perfect and I have a question when using your markers for color how do u keep that light shade that gives your sunglasses that look it's hard wrapping my mind on it.


thank you! i just use lighter/less contrasting colors for that area compared to the rest of the pic (like gray lines instead of black ones)

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scricch asked: How did you became an artist for gaia online? ; o; Your art is beautiful!! I wish someday I could draw something for them too! ; v;


a bunch of my friends were working there and encouraged me to send in my portfolio+resume :) i don’t think they’re hiring right now but they do open artist spots up every now and then, keep an eye on

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