renak-arts-deactivated20121104 asked: Hi there, I've been really inspired by your works for a long time and It lead me into trying for freelance illustration work myself this year after taking my degree. Since I finished my degree June I have been struggling to set up because I am unsure of how to go about it. I know you have lots of experience in freelance illustration works so I have to ask, how did you start off your freelance career? :)


oh wow, it’s amazing that my art helped you decide on a career path! thank you!

i guess i was really lucky with the start of my career, i had already been posting work online for years and managed to build up a little bit of a name for myself, so after i graduated from high school i started getting commission offers. at first i was too scared to take most of them, thinking i wasn’t good enough to do art as a job yet. but eventually i realized — if not now, when? there’s never going to be some magic sign that i’m finally fully prepared to start doing art professionally. i had to just get started, and learn along the way. so i began accepting commissions more regularly, and i also purchased a few books on freelancing and legal rights. i also started making prints and merchandise, selling stuff at conventions, etc. for a long time i didn’t realize it, but the fact that i kept posting art semi-regularly and got involved in various communities was very important, too — online presences are a must these days.

career-wise, i’m still nowhere near where i’d like to be, although i guess my teenage self would be pretty psyched about some of the projects i’ve been able to work on thus far, so…it’s progress!

some great sites i’ve found over the years that i wish i had access to earlier in my career:

i hope this is a little bit helpful. best of luck!!

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    Some tips from a professional freelancer, for anyone who wants to make a living off of their art. It can be done!
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