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fatlolikitten asked: Pardon me Rose, but I was wondering how big your canvases usually are when you draw digitally? Another thing I was wondering is, how does one become popular among the art community?


usually somewhere around 8.5x11”, 300DPI, though it’s not uncommon for me to work bigger

as for popularity, i’m not totally sure since it was never a primary goal for me, i just really liked making and posting art! but my best guess would be to keep improving and keep posting. networking is really important too (you can do this by following/giving feedback to other artists online, going to conventions and talking to other artists there, entering contests, doing gift art and requests, etc) but imo it’s most important to have work that’s interesting to look at, to put it in places where people can find and share it easily (i.e. art communities, social media) and to post fairly regularly, since people will lose interest if you’ve never got anything new to show. doing fanart and process images/videos/streams helps too. just remember it takes time — literally years in most cases — so don’t force anything and stick with it the best you can! good luck!

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mocharush asked: Your art is a HUGE inspiration to me! Can I ask you what program you made your little pixel icons you posted a few months back with? [: Much appreciated!


thank you!! i do all my pixel art in photoshop

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cinnamonbuntogyunyu asked: Oh! I see you remodel your home website! I so happy your newest up-to-date artworks! 0v0


ahh yes, thank you! it’s still not completely done yet but at least it’s not 2-3 years out of date anymore…

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buubbleguum asked: Hi there! Will you be having more merchandise on sale soon? I was looking at one of the makeup pouches but it's sold out ><


eventually i’ll be reordering some makeup pouches, but atm i am not sure when that will be, sorry! probably closer to convention season (summer/fall)

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tirahmisu asked: Hi Bara! I have a question about your Asuka artwork you did about a week ago with markers. How did you colour the glasses? Because until you see it up close it doesn't even look like you used markers for it, it literally looks like it was done digitally; like you turned down the opacity. So I'm really curious as to what you used. I've been a fan of your art for years btw, and I still love it so much now. You're such an inspiration. Oh, and I love the new blocky shading style too! ^^


thank you!! i used a gray pen to outline everything behind her glasses, and then shaded that area with gray markers. very low contrast-y compared to the rest of the pic

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nekoreaper asked: Hello, I want to ask why don't you have your designs on shirts and on sites like Threadless tees?


i do have some shirts up at society6 and redbubble, but i don’t currently participate in any shirt competitions like threadless’s because it’s really time-consuming coming up with a design to their specs AND promoting the hell out of it just to have it probably go nowhere in the end. i don’t mean for that to sound totally defeatist! it’s just a time management thing, plus most of my designs are of my own characters or characters i like, i.e. stuff i have fun drawing…but i’m not into pop culture enough to make designs that are all that relevant to large crowds of people, i think

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bytesize-grizzlyart asked: I stumbled on your art recently and have taken a liking to it. One thing I've notice is most of it is very busy and colorful. I particularly like the way you handle hair. So, my question is what/who are some of your inspirations, if you have any in particular? Keep up the great works.


thank you very much! ♥ in general i’m influenced by a lot of street art and graffiti, pop art, graphic design, and fashion, but for some more specific influences, i particularly love mucha, am, versace, ugetsu hakua, galaxxxy, gomoku akatsuki, hideaki fujimoto, and sachin teng

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gg-art asked: This is just sort of a silly gushy ask, but I've been following your work for about a decade now, basically you were a huge influence on me and your work kept me doing art too. It's been so amazing to watch your journey as an artist through the years. I'm absolutely in love with your jewel-like shading and it's so cool to look back into your gallery at your older works to see the origins of it and how it evolved over time. Everything you do is so sharp, posh, and sophisticated. TL;DR: UR RAD


thank you so much for your kind words!! so glad i could be an inspiration to you and that you still dig my work after all this time :D

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dreaminginferno asked: Hi Bara!! I wanted to ask a question and I hope it's not too invasive. What is your daily routine like? Does it change from day to day or is it relatively stable? Do you have time to pursue hobbies? I apologize if this has already been asked. ;u; Thank you for your time!


no it’s OK! in the past i’ve been extremely guilty of having erratic schedules…i guess it’s easy to feel like an artist’s life should revolve around bursts of inspiration as they come, and not any regular old boring 9 to 5 rut. but…i find i actually get so much more done when i keep a fairly consistent routine. i still have unmotivated blah days, but not as often, and separating time JUST for work and then time for family/friends/hobbies/self is difficult as a freelancer, but it’s easier when you stick to a routine. in recent years i’ve also found that my eyes have a harder time staying focused in artificial light — getting old nnnoooooooo — so i can’t keep crazy vampire hours anymore if i want to get things done :(

redbubble actually posted a blog entry about routines for creatives not too long ago, it might be worth a read

most days it’s like this:

  • get up — not TOO early, but before noon at least
  • feed zoe <3
  • breakfast
  • check email, answer the most important stuff first (or whatever i’ve put off for way too long ha ha)
  • clean desk, if it’s ridiculously messy
  • eat a snack
  • work on whatever i’ve prioritized for the day, with small breaks to smooch zoe
  • lunch
  • eat more snacks
  • more work till around sunset, more zoe-smoochin’ breaks
  • feed zoe again
  • dinner
  • after dark i try to work on side projects/hobby stuff, or i just play a game or go for a walk or something
  • are there any snacks left in the house? yes? k i’m gonna eat em
  • shower (showering before bed is a weird habit i developed back when i had SUPER SUPER long hair and it was easier to let it dry overnight than spend 2 hours blowdrying it in the morning before school)
  • sleep
  • dream about zoe and eating more snacks

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daine-hime asked: This is a little sudden and embarrassing to say but I really wanted to say it for a long time now u//w//u I've been following your art for years and it inspired me to get into serious art and drawing in the first place, you've been my biggest art idol since I was in middle school and I just want to say thank you for creating such beautiful art works to let me want to one day become an amazing artist like yourself ;w; Sorryforthesuddenblurtingahhaa-- >//A//<


i’m honored to be an inspiration to you, thank you so much and it was sweet of you to tell me! best of luck with your work

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baconmoose asked: Okay I don't know if you've gotten this question a million times yet or not, but I LOVE how you do line weight on your pictures and I can't figure out how to get mine that good. Do you have any tips, a method, a rule of thumb, ect behind what lines you tend to accentuate, and which ones you subdue? (Apart from the way you use thicker lines on the outside of the whole image)


thanks!! generally i like using thicker/darker lines to separate elements from one another and/or to imply weight

for example, in this image there are thick, dark outlines around most of the horns on her hairband, except for the bottoms where they meet the band. the extended foot and the head have very thick outlines so they pop out of the image a bit more, whereas the bottom edge of the bento, the food in the back, etc aren’t as emphasized. the lace frills of the dress and the paper cup holding the broccoli/carrots are delicate items, so they also have thinner lines. i hope all that makes some sense!

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mumbrielle asked: To the amazing Miss Rose: I'm a big big fan of your style and am just getting started in digital art. I was wondering how you first starting learning photoshop and stuff. Just through online tutorials and playing around?


thank you! mostly by playing around with all the tools and features yeah, i think with art it’s best to figure out your own techniques than to look for tutorials that guide you through someone else’s process

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