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charityib asked: hey bara what's the personalities of your characters?


shifuu - lives in the moment, flirty and girly, a little bit ditzy and maybe likes attention too much, but kindhearted and a good friend. loves music and fashion

akaibara - lab rat weirdo who doesn’t really get people and all their bizarre emotions, all she wants to do is hang out with her bunny

jangmee - tough girl who grew up using swords (grandpa was a blacksmith,) so she’s better at fighting than talking. doesn’t feel like she can rely on anybody else

gisele - spoiled only child of a wealthy wizard family, a natural genius who doesn’t know how to interact with other people and comes off kind of snotty, but really she’s a sweet girl and would love friends more than anything. she loves cute stuff, desserts, and all animals (especially the strange ones)

myoujou - super lazy chill, doesn’t let anything get to her. wannabe street tough but kinda sucks at it, especially if she loses her glasses, velma-style. gisele’s frenemy

kamaria - myou’s older sister who worked smart and hard to bring the two out of poverty, loves indulging in things she couldn’t have before so her tastes are a little tacky. very motherly/protective, though in a tough love kinda way. best friends with shifuu

porcelain - mob leader, very confident, obsessed with creative pursuits (art, fashion, music) — kind of fabulously crazy and thinks creativity is humanity’s best asset

slate - porcelain’s right hand man+bodyguard (not that she really needs one…) quiet and 1000% loyal/devoted

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kaibutsu-kun asked: Why do you take pictures of digital wips with your phone/instagram? That's hella convoluted. Wouldn't it be clearer, and quicker, to just take a screenshot?


somehow i actually find it less interrupting to my workflow to snap a quick photo and then resume working without having to make new canvases and paste/resize screenshots, crop out sensitive info etc…if my choice of WiP delivery is upsetting to you then i apologize

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xhosatauzeh asked: I'm sorry if you've answered this but what art program do you use? And which tool for your cg line work? I adore your art and always have.


photoshop CC, default brushes. thanks!

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iamamellowfellow asked: I absolutely adore your style!! Have you ever made a tutorial before?


a long time ago i was commissioned to do some tutorials for a now-gone paid site…but i haven’t made any since because i’m not really a fan of tutorials

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jacy14 asked: I adore your style, how long have you been drawing? :)


thanks! all my life pretty much, though i guess i didn’t start to really experiment and consciously improve till i was in middle school (i’m 32 now)

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canticumvulpes asked: Hullo~ I really love your work, and I was wondering if you had an coloring tutorials? Also, do you have a recommendation on whether I should get Photoshop or Paint Tool SAI? You coloring is always so vivid and lovely, and I have no idea where to begin as I'm just starting out in digital art. Heeelpp~


sorry, no tutorials!

try out both programs if you can (i’m not sure about SAI…but i know adobe offers 30-day trials of their products.) one isn’t necessarily better than the other, it just depends on how you like to work. make a blank canvas in each program and test out all the tools, do a few doodles, etc

good luck!

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gigamiz asked: I was wondering what type of paper you use for your markers? Thanks!


usually smooth bristol, but sometimes cold press watercolor paper

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minim1ght asked: I'm officially dubbing you the Copic Marker Queen *o*


sweet, ty! do i get a cool crown and giant copic scepter??

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creepy-cosmonaut asked: Do you have any advice for "finding a style" or just feeling more comfortable with your art in general, you're like one of my biggest inspirations.


thank you! if you can, just try to draw for yourself for a while, without any intent of showing anyone else or posting the results online, so you won’t feel pressured to come up with “perfect” art that other people won’t be able to judge. i’m not sure if this applies to you, but in the past it was something i personally struggled with a lot — trying to somehow preemptively make critique-proof art put me through a LOT of art blocks till i realized 1) there’s no such thing as perfect crit-proof art and 2) who cares what other people think, as long as they aren’t paying your bills?????? your life, your art!

draw as often as you can, and expect a lot of your drawings to suck. the more you make art a regular routine, the less intimidating it will be, and you’ll feel less pressured to make some kind of masterpiece every time…and trust me, even experienced professional artists make lots of crappy throwaway sketches. don’t rely on “being inspired” before you create anything, because inspiration actually doesn’t come that often for most people. if your initial attempts that day turn out awful, stick with it as long as you can instead of saying “i can’t draw today” and giving up — you’ll find that drawing well is actually a state of mind that you CAN get yourself into, as long as you don’t allow yourself to be discouraged by your first few attempts. warmup sketches are a thing for a reason

diversify your influences, look at totally different genres of art. sometimes if you focus too much on 1-2 influences, you want your art to look like theirs and get depressed that it doesn’t, but i think looking at more genres/styles has the opposite effect and makes you realize there are tons of possibilities with your own work and you can absolutely create a niche for yourself — very inspiring!

and, experiment a lot! use every program and tool and media you can, draw all kinds of different things, draw in different styles. figure out what you enjoy most, and then refine your techniques from there. don’t worry about what’s popular, just focus on trying to find something that clicks with you personally, because trying to struggle through a creation process you aren’t hype for will just make art unpleasant for you. but, if you can find a process you love, your enthusiasm for it will show in your work

best of luck!!

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sireinita asked: hey barachan! i love how slick and clean the new site layout is, but i'm sorry to see all of your old artwork go! is there any way that you will be making your whole art archive available for viewing, like loish did by uploading her old work onto a picasa web album? thanks for reading & continually inspiring us all with your artwork! ♥


thank you! i am actually really super embarassed by my old work so it’s kinda unlikely i’ll ever put it all up like that, but if there are any old pieces in particular you’d like to see again, let me know and i miiiiight repost them…

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sharkclasper asked: are you planning on ever having any klk art on society6? i just found your blog a few minutes ago and your art is lovely!


i know you asked this months ago (sorry!! >A<) so you may have seen already, but just in case you haven’t, i have a ryuko and a mako piece there now. thank you!

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foxtail33 asked: HEY! I was watching an old stream of yours and I absolutely love the first song and I was wondering if there is any possible way you could tell me what song it is. The stream was 130803_01 on your channel. Love you art and it would be much appreciated :)


future primitive’s space traveler! ty!

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