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milkylatte asked: Hello! First of all, I'm sorry my english is kind of bad. You and your art are amazing!! I really can't explain how much I love all your work. By the way, I was wondering if you can give a review about the service of RedBubble and Society6. I'm a young artist and I'm thinking about using one of those sites in a near future, but the reviews I found around the 'net confuse me. It's just that, your opinion would be really helpful! Thank you ♥


thanks! and don’t worry, your english is fantastic!

i love redbubble and society6 and have never had any issues with either one :D they do a great job of paying me my earnings on time, they’re very transparent about what i’ve earned and when i’ll receive it, and they don’t dip into my profits too heavily (versus dA, especially, who takes 50% of my profits on top of their own base prices AND charges me an extra fee just to withdraw my own earnings if i’m not a premium member.. e_e) they also do a great job of promoting their artists on a constant basis, i feel; redbubble even sets up shops at real life events (NYCC, SXSW etc.) so for the sake of selling online, i definitely recommend them, though it may take a long time before you start to earn much money…

if you’re looking for a place to print products to sell on your own, though, i don’t recommend on-demand places like RB/s6 in general, because their prices are always so high. in most cases you’re better off having a small run of products printed through another company that specializes in something like screenprinted shirts or vinyl stickers; it’s a larger investment up front since these companies almost always require minimum orders, but you’ll get to keep so much more profit per sale, and the printing quality is usually a little better this way too. good luck!!

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shimapancomplex asked: Hello barachan!! I've been a fan of your work for awhile! I'm just wondering if its possible to have a galaxy note 3 for your galaxy cases..... particularly the sailormoon/luna one and strawberry choco? :D thank u so much!!


thank you! unfortunately i have no control over redbubble or society6’s phone case selection, but you can try emailing them and asking them to add galaxy note 3 cases — if there’s enough demand they’ll probably make it happen!

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