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ai-risa asked: Would you ever consider doing some bookmarks or anything of Bust A Groove characters? I know the fandom has been more or less dead for years now but you still do fanart of the characters once in a while and it always brightens my day/week/month. Also, do you still have a file of that Heat pic you did ages ago where he's sitting on the ground by his burning trash cans? I always loved that XD


ahh! i might do this, i still love all of those characters to death. i’m happy to hear someone else shares my nerd nostalgia for them :’) which characters are your favorites? (mine were heat and frida!)


from 1999!

sometimes i miss my big shoebox of crayolas. they probably cost as much as 1-2 of my copics now..

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littledeerfaline asked: I'd super love to see your old evangelion fanart, if you still have any floating around <3


ahaa oh god…i do…

this is the oldest piece of eva fanart on my hard drive (june 1998)…HAHA fuck Q_Q so embarassing.

lol. for a while i used to make hand-drawn calendar pages i could stick in my school binders. BTW these were both colored with good old crayola markers!

looking back, i’m realizing just how utterly nonexistant my knowledge of the pelvis was back in the 90s

i think i did this one with watercolor pencils. obviously i was pushing the medium to its fullest potential here




not sure but i think i found this sketch while cleaning recently

and this isn’t that old (2+ years) but i guess it’s worth a mention…

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