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chellsolis asked: How did you make the labels for your merchandise


i print them out at home on cardstock and cut ‘em up with a paper cutter

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helixel asked: Do you print all your prints yourself? or do you get a company to produce them?


there are a few i do at home, especially now that i have a big printer, but for larger amounts of prints i use catprint, and for art show stuff that needs professional photo paper, laminating/mounting etc i go to iprintfromhome

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troikania asked: Hello! I have to say, you are an amazingly talented & generous person to give out such good advice & your work is just incredible! That being said, I do have 2 questions for you: 1)who do you use to get your merchandise printed/made & 2)what type of markers/pens do you use for your traditional pieces? I'm a traditional artist & I am trying to heighten the level of my skills so anything you tell me will be much appreciated! ^^


thank you!!

1a) it depends on what the merch is, i’ve used about a billion different printing places for different things…i do have links to some of my more frequently-used printers on my about page tho

2a) copic multiliners for lines, sometimes kuretake brush pens to fill in large areas of black or thicken lines, and sometimes sharpies to touch up after all the other colors have been completed (sharpies will bleed into other markers whereas multiliners won’t)

copics and a few prismacolors for colors

good luck!

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this is a big new 13x19” print that will be available at the second moon crisis reception on august 9th, and at AWA in september!

also, for those who have been asking, the printer i used to make these is a canon pixma pro-100 — amazon is running a pretty good rebate offer on it right now

additionally, more sketchbooks should be in stock in my store next week!

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milkylatte asked: Hello! First of all, I'm sorry my english is kind of bad. You and your art are amazing!! I really can't explain how much I love all your work. By the way, I was wondering if you can give a review about the service of RedBubble and Society6. I'm a young artist and I'm thinking about using one of those sites in a near future, but the reviews I found around the 'net confuse me. It's just that, your opinion would be really helpful! Thank you ♥


thanks! and don’t worry, your english is fantastic!

i love redbubble and society6 and have never had any issues with either one :D they do a great job of paying me my earnings on time, they’re very transparent about what i’ve earned and when i’ll receive it, and they don’t dip into my profits too heavily (versus dA, especially, who takes 50% of my profits on top of their own base prices AND charges me an extra fee just to withdraw my own earnings if i’m not a premium member.. e_e) they also do a great job of promoting their artists on a constant basis, i feel; redbubble even sets up shops at real life events (NYCC, SXSW etc.) so for the sake of selling online, i definitely recommend them, though it may take a long time before you start to earn much money…

if you’re looking for a place to print products to sell on your own, though, i don’t recommend on-demand places like RB/s6 in general, because their prices are always so high. in most cases you’re better off having a small run of products printed through another company that specializes in something like screenprinted shirts or vinyl stickers; it’s a larger investment up front since these companies almost always require minimum orders, but you’ll get to keep so much more profit per sale, and the printing quality is usually a little better this way too. good luck!!

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yokokins asked: You're art is amazing! Been follwing on DA for years! I do have a question, may I ask what company/site do you get your banners printed from? I tried looking at already answered asks, and I couldn't find it. Thank you!


thank you!! (also, thanks for checking to see if your question had been previously answered, i appreciate that!)

i get my banners from gotprint and rectractable banner stands

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pampliemousse asked: hello! (: I saw your tshirts on your website and wondered where you get them printed? is it through your zazzle/redbubble/cafepress? and in your opinion, which service offers better pricing? thank you for your time!


the shirts in my store are mostly leftover stock from other printing places (the bunny/xin ones were from a place that doesn’t do shirt printing anymore, and i’m honestly not sure where the SDE shirts were printed, soda pop handled all of that)…i don’t usually order my own shirts through on-demand sites like zazzle/etc since the base prices are so high, the tiny profit margins wouldn’t be worth it. it’s best to save up a chunk of money and have a batch of shirts screenprinted at someplace like blue collar, if you can afford it and if you know most of them will sell

if you only want a tiny amount of shirts and are okay with high base prices, redbubble’s shirts are nice! i haven’t ordered from zazzle before, and i haven’t ordered shirts from cafepress in like 10 years so i have no idea what their quality is like…sorry!

good luck!

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leckz asked: hey bara! i was just wondering, as i'm sure you have a lot of experience—any opinions on the best place to get art prints done online? thanks so much!


my favorite places for prints are iprintfromhome and catprint :] catprint is perfect if you need stuff cheaper and/or in larger quantities, and ipfh does very high quality photo prints and can mount them beautifully for galleries and wall art and such.

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marithis asked: Wow such an up beat style that is so different! I'm an artist just starting out and I really admire you! But something that has always eluded me that I have always been interesting in selling my own nicknacks with a design of mine own but customized stuff seems expensive that in order to make a profit I'd have to sell even a pencil case for 20 bucks! You seem to be able to keep your prices so reasonable. Can I ask you who do you go through to get your stuff printed up?


thanks!! i have my stuff printed through about a million different places, i really just google what sort of merchandise i want to make and then shop around to see who has the lowest prices and minimums. there’s a ton i still wish i could make but haven’t been able to find anyone that does it for less than like 200 pieces per order, or they charge so much per piece that i’d never be able to resell the stuff…

keep an eye out for any special offers you can hunt down too (sometimes places have offers right on their site, or on their facebook/twitter accounts, or you can check on retailmenot, ebates, etc.)

if you think you can rally enough support for any one project in particular, you can try kickstarter — i know some artists go there to fund print runs for shirts, books, etc.

good luck!

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moonsofjuupitr asked: Hi there! I'm just another fan of your fabulous work! n_n I'm did you go about setting up your online store(s)? Do you have any advice to illustrators who want to start printing their own apparel and merchandise? Thanks! :D


thank you! :]

if you don’t mind, i’m going to direct you to this tl;dr post! feel free to ask me any questions i didn’t cover there, though.

the only other bit of advice that comes to mind right now is to get used to working large (300 DPI at least,) if you haven’t already; and either draw in CMYK mode for stuff you plan on having printed, or be mindful of using colors that don’t print well (dark colors and brights.) often i use photoshop’s default palette because its colors are pretty print safe. every printer handles things a little differently, but in general, your work will print darker than it appears on your screen.

oh, and creep printing companies’ facebooks and twitter accounts for deals B) HO HO HO.

good luck!!

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springiette asked: I know you've been asked this before... >< but what's your favorite site to print posters? :3


psprint and overnight prints

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