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process images of this piece. only a few of these prints will be available at moon crisis tonight, so come early! ♥

process images of this piece. only a few of these prints will be available at moon crisis tonight, so come early! ♥

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la-inspirez asked: I was wondering, how do you choose the colors for your work? No matter how much I try my colors are either too saturated or too dull and I cannot seem to get a good balance no matter what I do.


it really depends on what sort of mood you’re trying to convey and where you want the focal points of your picture to be. if everything in your pic is sitting at roughly the same values and saturation then nothing is going to stand out, so maybe try starting out with bright colors for focal points and making the rest fairly neutral? it also helps to mix areas of color into one another a little to unify your palette and keep any one area from looking out of place — like if you have a blue background and a red subject, try incorporating some dull blues into the shadows of the subject and some dull reds/pinks into the BG somewhere

you can also try finding photography with appealing lighting/palettes and using an eyedropper tool to pick out the main colors used. another nice starting point for palettes is kuler

of course, none of these rules are concrete, bend them as you need to if you think that’s what’ll suit your pic in the end! good luck

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tinseltina asked: I'm a really big fan of your art, and I'd really like to try something similar out, but I couldn't find some information I needed in your #process tag. I was wondering, you said that when you color with marker you typically work from light to dark layering, but do you have a particular "trick" to make all the polygons for your coloring/shading? It really reminds me of the cubism style and your work has DEFINITELY shown me that I can do character work with it! ^u^ thank you!


i’m sorry, i don’t really! it’s kind of just one big impulsive mess lol. good luck though!!

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sabubu91 asked: Yooo, Im absolutely loving your art! I've been struggling to achieve that refracting/diamond/glass thing you've done with the hair on your latest one, could you possibly share your technique or offer a few pointers?


i’m sorry, all i really have to offer you is this post…it’s not a very complex technique but i don’t know how to put my stylistic choices into words. i just kind of envision shapes in my head and run with it

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mindytheturtle asked: I was wondering if you have a sped up video of you drawing? I'm curious to see how you do the box like shading, which is very interesting and beautiful.


unfortunately i don’t have any speed vids like that atm (i should probably make some…) but i do have some plain recordings on my livestream. thank you!

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