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la-inspirez asked: Hi I was wondering if you could possibly tell us about the technique you used to do the glasses for the girl with the black outfit and pink hair. I would also like to know about the technique you've been using lately that makes your work look crystallized almost? Like in the Sailor Monoceros, all you need is love wallpaper, and the picture of the chibi head. I really like it and would like to possibly know the process or choices behind it.


um…unfortunately i’m not really sure how to explain it? like…i think it’s a very simple technique in itself…it’s basically cel shading, just with more geometric shapes. the application of color isn’t very fancy imo, it’s just that the shapes i employ are different than what most people seem to use, and as far as those go i just kind of wing it — there’s no specific formula or choices for it i can put into words, other than the fact that i try not to overdo the effect on skin since totally crystal-textured humans would just look polygon man strange! overall i think it requires a good sense of form, i.e. being able to envision things in 3D in your head…i’m sorry i couldn’t be more informative!

i did make a process gif of the pink image you mentioned, though. it’s a little different from my usual work since i just painted on top of a doodle, versus doing clean inks, but…here you go!

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fatlolikitten asked: Pardon me Rose, but I was wondering how big your canvases usually are when you draw digitally? Another thing I was wondering is, how does one become popular among the art community?


usually somewhere around 8.5x11”, 300DPI, though it’s not uncommon for me to work bigger

as for popularity, i’m not totally sure since it was never a primary goal for me, i just really liked making and posting art! but my best guess would be to keep improving and keep posting. networking is really important too (you can do this by following/giving feedback to other artists online, going to conventions and talking to other artists there, entering contests, doing gift art and requests, etc) but imo it’s most important to have work that’s interesting to look at, to put it in places where people can find and share it easily (i.e. art communities, social media) and to post fairly regularly, since people will lose interest if you’ve never got anything new to show. doing fanart and process images/videos/streams helps too. just remember it takes time — literally years in most cases — so don’t force anything and stick with it the best you can! good luck!

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tirahmisu asked: Hi Bara! I have a question about your Asuka artwork you did about a week ago with markers. How did you colour the glasses? Because until you see it up close it doesn't even look like you used markers for it, it literally looks like it was done digitally; like you turned down the opacity. So I'm really curious as to what you used. I've been a fan of your art for years btw, and I still love it so much now. You're such an inspiration. Oh, and I love the new blocky shading style too! ^^


thank you!! i used a gray pen to outline everything behind her glasses, and then shaded that area with gray markers. very low contrast-y compared to the rest of the pic

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