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caprido asked: Hiya! Happy 2014! I had a question about visualization. I don't mean anything weird or way out of the box, just if you're able to see the picture you want to make before you put it on paper/canvas. Do you do this, or any thumbnailing for a composition? If you do, do you have any possible tips?


thanks, happy 2014 to you too! for most stuff (especially digital things) i don’t have a very concrete idea in mind when i start, i just start doodling and keep adjusting elements as i go along; i actually tend to adjust sketches a LOT in photoshop by resizing/rotating/redrawing certain things till the whole layout looks “correct” in some way to me. for commissions and traditional pieces, though, i usually do some thumbnails and maybe some design sketches (outfit planning, stylization and the like) before settling on a layout for the piece, i think it makes the final thing look more coherent and it especially helps with subjects i’m not super familiar with. as a small example:

these were for a commission, i hadn’t really drawn minnie before so i wanted to find a good stylization for her before getting started on the actual art. the first attempt is pretty horrible lol but the more i played with proportions and such the more i liked the result

the only tip i can really think of is to make lots of layers as you go along with your digital sketches…if you want to see what your character would look like with their arm posed differently, draw that arm on another layer, and turn it on/off to compare the two poses — if you like the new arm, you can merge it down onto the sketch, but if you hate it you can just toss it without losing the original arm

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