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chellsolis asked: How did you make the labels for your merchandise


i print them out at home on cardstock and cut ‘em up with a paper cutter

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xhosatauzeh asked: I'm sorry if you've answered this but what art program do you use? And which tool for your cg line work? I adore your art and always have.


photoshop CC, default brushes. thanks!

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gigamiz asked: I was wondering what type of paper you use for your markers? Thanks!


usually smooth bristol, but sometimes cold press watercolor paper

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troikania asked: Hello! I have to say, you are an amazingly talented & generous person to give out such good advice & your work is just incredible! That being said, I do have 2 questions for you: 1)who do you use to get your merchandise printed/made & 2)what type of markers/pens do you use for your traditional pieces? I'm a traditional artist & I am trying to heighten the level of my skills so anything you tell me will be much appreciated! ^^


thank you!!

1a) it depends on what the merch is, i’ve used about a billion different printing places for different things…i do have links to some of my more frequently-used printers on my about page tho

2a) copic multiliners for lines, sometimes kuretake brush pens to fill in large areas of black or thicken lines, and sometimes sharpies to touch up after all the other colors have been completed (sharpies will bleed into other markers whereas multiliners won’t)

copics and a few prismacolors for colors

good luck!

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this is a big new 13x19” print that will be available at the second moon crisis reception on august 9th, and at AWA in september!

also, for those who have been asking, the printer i used to make these is a canon pixma pro-100 — amazon is running a pretty good rebate offer on it right now

additionally, more sketchbooks should be in stock in my store next week!

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flandar asked: I am so bad at directly drawing into photoshop. It looks so much better if I draw on paper first and then upload it and then edit... but I feel so less then. I feel like very rarely I'll come up with something good that I drew without my pencil and paper and I kinda feel like less than an artist. Do you have any advice?


imo, use whatever process you enjoy most! don’t worry about somehow being a lesser artist for not drawing directly onto a photoshop canvas. anyone who judges you for that is ridiculous and unless they’re paying your bills, their opinion doesn’t matter

i do have a few things listed in this post that you can try and see if it makes digital work any easier for you, but again, if you just seem to like the traditional process more i think that’s 100% okay good luck!!

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imjustsimplymee asked: What kind of tablet do you use ? and how is the quality? Is it better then a Cintiq compact? And would you recommend it to other artist?


wacom intuos3 6x8” for most of my work, surface pro for inking

i’ve never used a cintiq companion, so sadly i can’t say which is better; i suspect the cintiq is better for art though since it was made specifically for artists. i think the surface is okay as a supplementary or hobby tablet — it speeds up my inking by a lot — but i wouldn’t recommend it as a main tablet for professional work. the screen is rather small and the colors are only so-so. the calibration is serviceable, but it could be better. the hardware is also a bit limited, so it handles smaller files okay, but anything big can really slow it down

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rose-the-terrorist asked: hey rose , what's your computer build ? mine is very old and now iam going to get new one for digital paint...but i don't know much about computers.


my current computer is a custom built ibuypower revolt: intel core i5, 16 gigs of ram, geforce 650ti

basically, it’s nice to have a computer with a lot of memory and a dedicated video card (here’s a link that explains the differences between integrated and dedicated GPUs,) especially if you’re working with large files. a fast processor is fun, but i personally don’t think it’s as important as the memory and video card unless you want your computer to run games well, too…though, a lot of gaming computers are actually quite good at doing graphics work — similar requirements

one small recommendation i’d also like to make is, if you choose a desktop rather than a laptop, you may want to consider buying a UPS for it, especially if you live in an area prone to blackouts/brownouts or storms. nothing’s worse than losing work because your computer unexpectedly lost power! just make sure you get the right UPS for your power supply :]

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psistarproject asked: I really love your line art for your pictures! Might I ask what size pens you use?


thanks! usually 0.3mm copic multiliners, but sometimes i use kuretake brush pens from extra fine to medium for larger lines or to fill in black areas. sometimes i also use ultra fine sharpies to darken my multiliner lines (but only after all other coloring is done! or else the sharpie lines will bleed)

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tweendoriru asked: Sorry, you probably get so many questions about your tablet. But, did your Windows Surface come with a stylus pen or did you buy one separately? Can you flip the end and use it as an eraser? My dear old Wacom Bamboo Fun seems to be dying out so I've been looking into new options/upgrades, but I can't seem to find any relatively cheap (~$200) options with the eraser-feature on the pen =v= Anyway, thank you! You're such an inspiration, every time you upload art I start doing more tablet research!♥


the surface pro comes with its own pen, though i’ve heard you can use the bamboo feel stylus with it too. and the default surface pen does have an eraser end!

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cutiecalikins asked: I don't know what it is but I cannot get on the learning curve with digital tablets. I have an intuos4 and whenever I try to draw with it, I just want to rage. Nothing comes out correctly like with traditional. Plus my desktop is in the basement and it gets really cold and lonely down here and it bothers me enough that I break focus almost constantly. I really want to give the surface pro a whirl as I'm the same as you in terms of inks. Is a surface pro a good multitasker or just good for inks?


if you haven’t already seen this post, this post and this post they might have the answer you’re looking for!

i will say that the surface gets pretty warm when you’re using photoshop on it, which helps with cold hands lol. i can relate to having issues drawing when it’s cold…i can’t retain body heat to save my life, but keeping the whole house at 80F all winter isn’t really an option Q_Q in the past i used a little personal heater on my desk aimed at my hands in the winter and it helped. there are fingerless USB hand warming gloves out there, but personally i can’t seem to draw with gloves on…

getting some headphones to blast music with also helps a lot with focus i think :D

good luck!

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cupcakehamsters asked: Your use of colors always inspire me. I recently started using my copics again, but I'm struggling to find a good starter set. Care to share your favorite colors?


i have a list posted over here

to add to it with a few shades i’ve bought since then, i also seem to use pure pink (RV23,) pale pink (RV10,) and chamois (E35) a lot!

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